Islands of Yell and Unst Tour

The tour to Unst the most northerly island of Shetland includes two ferry rides one from Toft on the mainland to Ulsta on Yell (Shetland's second largest island) taking about 20 minutes. While on Yell, we can visit the Auld Haa Museum, the Shetland Tweed Company and the Shetland Gallery. A scenic 25-minute drive across Yell takes us to Gutcher followed by a 10-minute ferry ride across to Belmont on Unst.  

Unst is rich in archaeology with several brochs, standing stones and has the greatest density of rural Viking longhouses known.


This small yet beautiful island is part of Geopark Shetland and is home to some interesting geological sites one being the beach at Skaw where you find unusual and intriguing rock formations.

Unst is also rich in wildlife, its northernly situation makes it a major European breeding site for seabirds including Guillemots, Razorbills Skuas and Kittiwakes.

Our tour will include a visit to Muness Castle a 16th century fortified house.

 A short drive to Bordastubble to see Shetlands largest standing stone.

For those up for a short but hilly walk a visit to Underhoull reveals breath-taking scenery and the remains of two Viking houses and broch.

In Haroldswick is the Unst Boat Haven housing Shetland traditional fishing boats. Displays can also be seen in the Heritage Centre of local crafts geology and geneology.

A light lunch or cream tea is a favourite at Victoria’s, the most Northerly tearoom in the UK.


We will visit Unst’s famous bus shelter, signing the visitors book is a must.    


RAF Skaw ruins of a wartime radar station is on the way to the UK’s northernmost inhabit house before exploring the unique geological site of Skaw beach.

There is always a chance of spotting seals, otters and occasionally Orcas.

As with all tours good footwear and sensible clothing is essential for exploring some of these places. The ground can be uneven and slippy.

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